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30.07.2009, 12:15

June 4, 2009

When Peter Falk, my loving husband of 31 years, became ill shortly after a surgical procedure, one of my main concerns was to respect his privacy. However, Peter's adopted and estranged daughter, Catherine, violated Peter's right to privacy by filing a public petition in the Los Angeles Superior Court to be Peter's conservator.

After an evidentiary hearing, the Court appointed me to act as Peter's conservator. Thereafter, my representatives and I were invited to appear on television shows and to speak to numerous news reporters regarding both the legal disputes and about Peter's current medical condition.

I, along with my representatives, are now declining all media invitations because I believe that it is more important than ever to respect my husband's privacy at this very difficult time. Shera Danese Falk
Beverly Hills, California

30.07.2009, 12:27
неприятное известие, но вполне ожидаемое:mad:

30.07.2009, 15:40
Я уже приводил перевод этого пресс-релиза (http://kolombo-serial.ru/showthread.php?p=8635#post8635) больше месяца назад. :)

30.07.2009, 19:18
Я уже приводил перевод этого пресс-релиза (http://kolombo-serial.ru/showthread.php?p=8635#post8635) больше месяца назад. :)

Да Это я торможу :-(